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    HMICS Publish Annual Scrutiny Plan 2015-16

    Cyber policing, facial recognition and forensic services are some of the issues which HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland will be scrutinising over the coming 12 months. The rolling programme of inspections of local policing across Police Scotland also continues [...]
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    SPA Annual Review of Policing 2014-15

    On Friday 26th June the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) published its second Annual Review of Policing 2014/15 which summarises the SPA’s assessment of the second full year of the new policing arrangements which came into operation on 1 April 2013. The purpose of the [...]
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    Developing the Best Leadership for Policing

    The College of Police Leadership Review looked at leadership across ranks, grades and roles in policing and is applicable to both officers and staff and found that leadership across all ranks and roles needs to change in order to help policing meet challenges of the [...]
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    HMIC Report – Reshaping Policing for the Public

    The police service must change further in order to meet the needs of the public within a climate of continuing budget pressures, according to a group of experts from across the policing spectrum. Get the report:  Reshaping policing for the public The National Debate [...]
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    Stop and Search Pilot Evaluation Report

    The Fife Division (Police Scotland) Stop and Search Pilot Evaluation Findings and Recommendations compiled by the Scottish Institute for Policing Research has now been published.  Please click on link below to access it, thanks. Stop and Search Pilot Evaluation Report [...]